Thursday, December 31, 2009

Lance Lisa Tanner and Weston Pic Taken on 12-31-09

Weston is not liking it at all.
My Little Weston getting so Big..
Tanner being handsome again.
Another good pic of Lance..
Lisa looking pretty.
This was taken at the Vernal Temple.
Pics taken behind the vernal library,
Help somebody save me i think that's what Weston is thinking.
My Grumpy but another handsome boy..

Tanner He is such a Handsome Boy.

Lance being very handsome.
Lisa Smiling for the pic

Lance, Lisa, Tanner and
Weston Smiling For The pic
But Weston Would not stop crying.
Trying to get Weston yo be happy
but it's not working.

Friday, June 12, 2009

Went Camping a Little past Millsite. What a Weekend It was.

Mikayla Being a Snob. (JK).
Tanner Getting Stuck in the Tree.
Lisa Being Her Self.
Dad having a Great Time Camping.
Lance being a Big Brother.
Tristan being Happy.

Weston with Stitches on his head and his face all Scrated Up.

Weston Loving the Four Wheeler even though he
Fell off of it. He is not afraid of it. He is all Boy.

Weston with food all over his mouth.
Weston had to go and get Stitches in side and out side
of his head. he did not like that at all.
Weston Laying in the Stroller and
Drinking his Bottle.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

To Geather For Every and For All Eternity.

Leaving the Temple what a happy Day..

What A Beautiful Family.

Weston Playing with the hose and Having Fun.

Weston all better and Happy again.

Weston getting soaked by the hose.

Weston having fun with the hose.
Weston grabing the hose from Dad.
Weston getting up so he can hold the hose for Dad.

Lisa Being Pritty and Weston giving Lisa love's

Weston Trying to give Lisa a Kiss.
Lisa Being Pritty

Weston with his Sock in his mouth.

Weston wondering why every one is laughing at him.
Weston cowling with his sock in his mouth.
Weston Loving his sock